7 ways to improve your email open rate

Podcast Transcript:

This is Julie South and you’re listening to the HaloBizTip Podcast.  HaloBiz is all about helping to stimulate word-of-mouth in your world-of-mouse.  We polish business halos in the online world using smart & sharp digital marketing strategies like website design, software development and content creation.

This podcast is all about “subject line strategies to increase your email open rate”.

What’s “open rate”?  That’s the percentage of recipients who opened your email campaign.

Most bulk email sending services give you the ability to track “open rate” as well as a whole bunch of other useful insights and data.

But this BizTip is all about how to increase your email open rate so here goes:

The first relates to your email’s SUBJECT line – there’re some basic dos and don’ts when it comes to headlines.

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The first point is to make your subject line relevant and truthful:  You want to TELL recipients what’s inside .  Forget being smart with fancy & curious type headlines – just be straight up.

People are far more likely to unsubscribe from you if they feel like you’ve conned them into opening an email that doesn’t deliver.

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The next thing you need to realise and appreciate is that your email needs to get through everyone’s spam filters.    One thing ikili opsiyon işlemleri I need to remember – which comes from my days of learning to type – is that headings need to be in caps.  However, unfortunately, this is almost a sure fire way for spam filters to block them.  And if you use spammy words (eg, “free” or “click now!!!”) and lots of exclamation marks then, well… be prepared to be blocked.

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miglior broker opzioni binarie 60 secondi 2017 It also pays to go through and clean up your email list regularly – especially if you have to pay for each subscriber on your list.

The programme we use is Mailchimp.com and its ranking system is by “stars”.  So I regularly go through our subscriber list and ditch our one and two stars.   This is because they either haven’t opened any email I’ve sent them, or they haven’t done so in a long time and therefore the chances of them opening again in the near future is probably slim.

And while we’re talking about ditching: don’t take personally the unsubscribes.  It’s a fact of life.  And yes – even those who report you for spamming – even when you’re not (I hope!).  Sadly, people forget that they sign up for even though what you’ve got to offer is of value to them.

The chances of people reporting you for spam are higher if you ‘con’ them into opening emails by misleading headlines / subject matters and/or lots of capitals  and/or exclamation marks.

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The fourth point to bear in mind is to opzioni binarie versamento un euro segment your database, which means you can send specific emails relevant to interests, prior purchases, geolocation, etc.

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forex bankkort valuta Identifying the sender of your emails is also a good idea.  You’ll notice that all of mine are from “Julie from HaloBiz”.  They’re not from “info” or some other no-body generic or company name.

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köpa Viagra online billigt You know that “ currency exchanger online if this email doesn’t display click here to open in your browser” line that most bulk emails have …?  Try putting that further down in the body of your email – somewhere it’ll get seen.

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وأوضح خيار ثنائي " H1 heading tags – this is a bit techy but what it means is using the text styling available within most email templates to make your headings “count”.  Don’t fluff around with inconsequential or ‘nothing’ words in your headings – make them stand for something that your audience will want to invest their time in reading.

You’ve been listening to Julie South from HaloBiz serving up a HaloBizTip one sound byte at a time.  To receive these sound bytes direct into your inbox sign up for yours today at halobiz.co.nz.  If you’ve got any questions or comments please send an email to julie@halobiz.co.nz.


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