A quick heads-up on HaloBiz

We’re fanatical about social media; we rave about our members by stimulating word-of-mouth in the world-of-mouse space…

We started off as a community-minded online business directory – our research told us that local people wanted to be able to have an online place to go to that listed local businesses that supported local community organisations – so we built HaloBiz

At halobiz.co.nz you’ll find ONLY businesses that are community-minded … as part of a business’s membership fee, we link that business with the community organisation it supports (we give 70% of the listing / membership fee onto that organisation) and then link the business and the organisation together…

Check out the category “beauty therapy” – see how each business has its linked-charity shown…?

Each of those community organisations listed now have extra $$ in their accounts thanks to those businesses supporting them through their HaloBiz Network Membership

That’s how we started off…

Social Media action

Then our members saw what we were doing in the social media space and wanted a slice of the action too for their own businesses (who wouldn’t…?)

So now we’ve added social media workshops, courses, training and consultation into our mix …

In a nutshell we’re manic, fanatical and just outright passionate about small businesses getting the most they can out of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare and email – if it’s an online channel, then we’re into it!!

And you wanna know one of the best things about joining the HaloBiz Network…??

We’ve got a few years of real live business experience under our belts – we’re not 20-somethings who’ve got all the ‘theory’ but no been-there-done-that-experience …

…we’re here to stay … we’re committed to our members and hanging in there for the long haul!

Check out what some of our members have to say about us!

We look forward to hearing from you :-)

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