Linkedin cf Facebook – 7 ways to stop looking stupid on Linkedin

If you use Linkedin and you think it’s just like Facebook, but for professionals then you might like to check out this podcast or video – because nothing could be further from the truth!

If video is more your style, then check this out – it has pictures :)


If I had just one dollar for every time I’ve heard “Isn’t Linkedin just like Facebook, but for professionals?” (or words to that effect) I’d be an extremely wealthy woman! 

Welcome – I’m Julie South of HaloBiz – our business is polishing halos – of people and businesses, online and off.

If you are one of those people under the impression that Linkedin and Facebook were similar then I hope you find this report helpful – especially if you do have a Linkedin profile.

No! Linkedin is NOT the professional version of Facebook – 7 things you need to know to avoid looking stupid on Linkedin


As I said – I’ve lost count on the number of times I’ve been asked (by intelligent, switched on business people) “isn’t Linkedin just the like Facebook but for professionals…?”

autopzioni binarie forum Noooooo! 

It’s not and if you think it is you’re shooting yourself in your professional foot.

Here’s a no-punches-might-offend-some-people look at how Linkedin and Facebook deserve different approaches.

Sildenafil Citrate köp billigt [Warning:  some content may offend]

Firstly – keep in mind at all times that [Linkedin is as different to Facebook as boardroom is to lounge room]

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1.      Grooming – Dress Code

What would you wear to a meeting with a prospective customer?

You would wear whatever was appropriate for your occupation, surely?

You would not wear something you wore to a wedding or a party or the beach or a BBQ.

So if your profile image shows you wearing something you wouldn’t wear to work why use it?

It impacts your professional credibility and maybe, just maybe, someone’s ability to take you seriously.

Keep your party photos for your personal Facebook profile.


If you were putting together a pitch for an important deal would you include references to an online puzzle you solved or a favourite quote you liked?

So why include such trivia and drivel as part of your professional Linkedin persona?

Keep your puzzles, games, holiday photos, favourite quotes, etc for your personal Facebook profile.

3.    Linkedin is all about YOU – not your relationship with anyone else

mettere a disposizione sistema trading Please! 

It’s about YOU – even if you’re one half of a husband-and-wife team – or one half of a two-person professional partnership.

Be brave – let go of the other person’s hand and stand on your own two feet highlighting the strengths and attributes you bring to the table.

A two person photo on Linkedin (usually accompanied by a two-person-name) means you don’t know what Linkedin is about and your professional credibility (in some eyes) has been shot to hell.

You look stupid!

Save your stupid photos and impressions for your close friends on Facebook who know you personally.

4.   Linkedin is for INDIVIDUALS not companies or businesses

A Linkedin profile is for real live people – one-person-at-a-time, not entities or partnerships.

Refer to point 3 above because the same rules apply.

If you want to create a profile for your business do it the correct way in Linkedin – not as a person that people connect with.

5. Linkedin is about QUALITY not quality

Believe it or not, we really don’t give two hoots how many connections you’ve got!  We really don’t!

If you have to brag the rest of us start to wonder why?  Are you insecure?

Or is the world totally about you?

And if the world is about you, what will doing business be like with you?  Hhhhmmmm… probably painfully all about you!

6.     Fancy, Smart-Alec titles 

C’mon – seriously – you expect someone to be impressed because you have to dream up a job title or description that the rest of us wouldn’t’ve thought of?  Not in a million years….?


Believe it or not, your potential customers are going to be searching for you with boring run-o-the-mill job titles.  Sadly, this means if you don’t show up in a search result you’ve got no one else to hold responsible but yourself.

Leave playing the Smart Alec with your friends on Facebook cos the chances are your customers aren’t going to be impressed.

7.     Can you do the job?

Linkedin is about instilling confidence that you can do the job:  whether that’s in an employer/employee relationship or a customer/supplier relationship.  All people are interested in is you professionally.

Leave all the non-professional stuff on Facebook.  With your friends.

And of course – if you’d like to download the PDF then you can do it here:


If you think Linkedin is like Facebook but for professionals - think again!

If you think Linkedin is like Facebook but for professionals – think again!

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