Content is King

Creating great content (ie, information) to serve up on the internet is a lot easier than you think.  All it takes is a little thinking about your business from your clients’ perspective.

When it comes to websites, Google has made no bones about the fact all it wants to do is make websites easier for people to find that add value.  How Google measures this value is, of course, a multi-billion dollar question that is guarded better than Fort Knox.

Sadly, for businesses that have great content to share, it takes time for websites to move their way up the search engine rankings.  Thankfully, for those who insist on making their dollars by serving up nothing but affiliate link-filled websites that are absolute rubbish, it’s a relief.

Moving your website up through the search engine rankings has to be regarded as a long-term marketing strategy.   It also has to be regarded as a binary option no deposit bonus august 2016 marketing investment read:  you’re prepared to invest both human and/or capital resources to make this happen.

Here’re some ideas you can create royal content-is-king information for your online world-of-mouse:

What you’re reading now is opcje binarne trading HaloBiz’s blog.  We’ve taken ours a little bit further than just a ‘blog’ – it’s almost a mini website.  You don’t have to go this far.  You can add a simple page to your existing website and write articles (blogs) relevant to your business.

What sort of articles / blogs?  Here’re some suggestions to get your imagination whetted: imparare a fare trading con opzioni binarie FAQs – turn your frequently asked questions into a worthwhile read.  Reposition your existing your customers’ FAQs into a more news-worthy article.

http www opzionibinarie it EVENTS – been to any industry-related events lately you enjoyed / learnt something?  If so, write an article about it.  Share your thoughts… review someone’s presentation… Similarly, if you’re organising an event for your own business / industry, then write about it… what ‘idea’ first sparked the seed for the event / product…?

köp Viagra på nätet Gällivare PRODUCTS – write (relevant) reviews about products you use in your business.  Here’s one way you can do that – Mike Foote of Plumbing & Gas Works appeared in the Waikato Times recently because of his opinions on a leak detector.

أسعار وسيط الفوركس CASE STUDIES – take a couple of your business’s projects (jobs / products) and turn them into a story 24option oder bdswiss BEFORE / AFTER – as per case studies above.

Priligy where can i buy without prescription in Oxnard California TESTINONIALS – go beyond the so last millennium written testimonial where Jane & John Doe rave about what you did.  Make your testimonials really hum by turning them into case studies and/or before/after stories.

Tastylia, Tadalafil Oral Strip R & R – share a bit about the people who make up your business.  Remember, the more you have in common with your prospects, the more they’re likely to become customers.  Here’s how HaloBiz has done that.

ikili opsiyon mağdur INTERESTING STORIES – this can be tied in with the R&R bit but taken from a slightly different angle.  Hopefully (!) your team has a lot more going on in their lives than just work… they have interesting hobbies (to them and others who’re into what they’re into)… some businesses have people who represent their country in something (sport, hobby, interest).

These “stories” can be shared.   There’re many ways you can position (spin) an interesting story.  Julie attended a Chamber of Commerce event recently where Hamish Bond (NZ Gold Medallist, London Olympics) was the guest speaker.

All of these ideas can be turned into written articles.  Here’re ways you can also turn them into video.

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