Cover Image Rules

Facebook 20% Text on Cover Image Exemptions

As sometimes happens, Facebook rolls out a T&C amendment without any fanfare.  It happened in the week leading up to Easter 2013.  If you haven’t yet caught up with these new variations, here they are:

It’s now perfectly okay to include  Calls to Action, contact details, pricing information and other previously forbidden information on your Facebook Page’s Cover Image.  However, in saying that, all of this information must still comply with Facebook’s maximum of 20% text rule.  But there are some exceptions and here they are:

opcje binarne komentarze Text on images trading opzioni binarie cos//////'è are exempt from the 20% rule come guadagnare col trading binario Therefore if you include an image of your sign-written vehicle and that has your web address, telephone number, email or street address on it, that is acceptable and does not count towards your 20%.

optionbit kosten Your Profile Image binäre option handel is exempt from the 20% rule

Your profile image doesn’t count towards the 20%

Curly Loopholes to watch out for: day trading demokonto Logos that are text – for example HaloBiz’s logo is text and therefore isn’t permitted.  However, if say, we’d written a book and the logo appeared on the book and that book was the image used on the Cover Image, that would be acceptable.

test broker binäre optionen Zoomed in images of text – let’s say you had an image of your signwritten motor vehicle and you zoomed in to bring emphasis to your website address or other contact information – this zooming in would contravene this new rule.

As always, we’re interested to hear your thoughts and/or questions so please don’t be backwards in coming forwards.

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