Facebook Contest Rule Changes – August 2013

Here’s the transcript for the cheap metformin no rx podcast about the latest set of rule changes regarding running contests and competitions on your business’s Facebook page:

This is Julie South and you’re listening to the HaloBizTip Podcast.  HaloBiz is all about helping to stimulate word-of-mouth in your world-of-mouse.  We polish business halos in the online world using smart & sharp digital marketing strategies like website design, software development and content creation.

This podcast is all about “changes Facebook has made regarding holding contests direct from Facebook without the need for an app”.

Yup – Facebook’s done it again – made changes. 

Here at HaloBiz the jury is still out as to whether or not this is a good move or not because we can see pros and cons when it comes to organising a Facebook competition (or contest as they’re referred to in the States) direct from a post.

Given the requirement to run a competition using an app wasn’t always adhered to, maybe Facebook decided it was easier to open up the gates rather than spend resources policing this rule?  Who knows?

Let’s look at the pros and cons: 

We think it’s great news because it makes it ‘easier’ for a small business (most of our clients) to run their own Facebook competition without the expense of investing in an app.  However, just because something is free, doesn’t mean it’s going to cost less or be better than when a purchase is involved.

So.  You can now run a contest direct – no app involved.  But before you rush out and hold your first Facebook competition sans-app (app-free) think about WHY you’re running a competition in the first place?  Isn’t it to grow your database of potential customers? 

One of the benefits of using an app to facilitate Facebook competitions was the ability to collect contact details for entrants.  If you’re not using an app how are you going to do that? 

And if you’re thinking that you can just contact the winners through Facebook… yes, you can.  But that method of contact only works for within Facebook.  It won’t allow you to contact them at a later date should you want to.

Something else that kinda concerns us here at HaloBiz is that we expect to see more scammy-type competitions being run.  Why?  Because all of a sudden every business owner and their cousin will start doing it.   Because they can.   With far less effort than was ever required before.

If you haven’t already, you can expect to suddenly start seeing and receiving all sorts of free Facebook competition apps being offered to you as a means of collecting the all-valuable contact information collection portals.  Before you jump in with both boots here’re my thoughts on going the “free” way – don’t!

In my humble opinion it’s far better to spend a few dollars each month and purchase your own app.  Why?  Because then you won’t be advertising a free app service as part of your business.  Think about it – how much credibility do you think your business is going to have with something like “created free using XYZ app” at the foot of your page …?

It makes you look like a scrooge.  A not-so-professional business.  Is that the kind of look you’re after?

And on that note I’ll sign off – thanks for your time.

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And here’re the official Facebook Ts and Cs: strategie opzioni binarie jctrading Facebook Rule Changes August 2013.

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