Facebook for Business

Here’s how to determine whether Facebook is right for your business as a marketing / sales channel and then how to start with Facebook for business.

There are as many opinions on Facebook as a business marketing & sales channel / tool as their are Facebook account holders.  These are ours.

At the end of the day you (hopefully!) know your business the best so even after digesting what’s written here if you don’t think Facebook will work for your business then it’s probably not a good idea you even start.  Your ‘social’ customers will tell you it’s definitely not a good marketing look to start a Facebook page only to abandon it a few months later.  An unloved business in the social media space is a very sad business indeed!

auto trader binary In our opinion, Facebook is for your business if:
  1. You’re B2C (business to consumer).  
  2. You’re prepared to invest time and resources (human and capital) into Facebook.
  3. You’re prepared to follow Facebook’s rules (read the T&C that you’re agreeing to – they’re not convoluted – but they are weighted in Facebook’s favour – obviously).
  4. You’re prepared to have fun with your ‘likers’ (aka fans) on Facebook: stiff & starchy doesn’t work on Facebook.
  5. You’re prepared to update your page every business day.
Orlistat 120 mg fedex The three basic differences between Facbook Pages vs Profiles:
  1. Businesses have PAGES, (private) people have PROFILES
  2. Pages have LIKES, Profiles have FRIENDS.
  3. Pages are PUBLIC, Profiles can be PRIVATE as you make them (until one of your friends ‘shares’).

If you’re in the market for a social media consultant to help you with your Facebook campaign and you don’t know where to start, then regulierte binäre optionen broker click here - you’ll discover the six things you need to watch out for when doing your Facebook Expert Due Diligence.  Alternatively, you can scroll down this website a little bit further and watch the video at the bottom.

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