Google’s Changes to Gmail

This podcast is a follow up to stanozolol como tomar last week’s changes Google made to Gmail.  Last week was the “what” the changes are, this week is “how to work around” the changes Google has made.  Both of these podcasts are relevant whether you have a Gmail account yourself or not.  If you don’t have a Gmail account yourself, you can bet your very last dollar you’ll be emailing others who do!

And here’s the transcript, FYI:

This is Julie South and you’re listening to the HaloBizTip Podcast.  HaloBiz is all about helping to stimulate word-of-mouth in your world-of-mouse.  We polish business halos in the online world using smart & sharp digital marketing strategies like website design, software development and content creation.


This podcast is a follow up to last week’s Google changes to gmail and what to do about those changes – if you’re a gmail user, you send email to gmail friends or you send digital updates via email to gmail account holders.


Google’s made some changes recently in how it treats email within Gmail.  Unfortunately, because of Google’s world-wide domination when it comes to the internet, it affects everyone.  Yes – even those who don’t use Gmail.


Because you probably email people who do use Gmail;  in which case they may not get to see your emails because Google has ‘filed’ them first.


Google has fiddled with its ‘tabs’ (inboxes, folders, pages, refer-to-them-what-you-will) within Gmail accounts and added one called “promotions”.  Promotions is a bit like a spam or junk folder.  Maybe Google thinks promotions sounds friendlier…?  Who knows…?


Google, in its infinite wisdom, is sending any email it thinks is “promotional” in nature to that folder.  Any at all.

Which could include:



  • Email sent to tastylia strips reviews more than one person (eg, your mum sends out her weekly news update to you and all your rellies – so she sends it to herself first and then either CCs or BCCs everyone else);


  • Email with a binäre optionen konto suspicious subject line (eg, your BFF in London just got engaged so rather than wake you up in the middle of the night s/he sends you an email instead but s/he got a bit carried away with all the exclamation marks cos s/he’s soooo excited!!!);



As a Gmail user, here’re four steps you can take to ensure you take control of your Gmail account:


  • When you see an email you want to have land in your primary (ie, main) inbox günlük forex yorumları ‘star’ it (click the little star icon on the left hand side of the email).
  • Click “yes”.

If you’re reading this and you’re the marketer responsible for sending out wonderful email updates to your database you’ve probably noticed a significant drop off in open rates.

Here at HaloBiz we certainly have.  The largest proportion by far of our email domains is Gmail, followed by Xtra then Hotmail/Outlook.  Gmail is almost twice the size of our Hotmail audience but now barely matches that domain in open rates.  (Hmmm…. I wonder what Larry Page would do/say if he knew that???)  For HaloBiz Xtra leads the pack when it comes to open rates (Go Xtra!).

As a marketer, what can you do about this?  Here’re four things:


  • Spread the word in as many different ways as possible – share this article – Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, G+, etc.
  • Include instructions to Gmail users in your auto-responder optin email (1-4 above).
  • Write your own version of this for your company blog
  • Invite readers of your blog to share your article among their circles

Good luck!

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