Have you ever wondered whether shortened hyperlinks are “safe”…? Why they’re used…? How you can use them…?

With the increasing popularity of QR codes (last week’s topic) and Twitter, hyperlinks are being shortened.   Why…?

Because QR codes scan faster from a short hyperlink and Tweets have a 140 character limit – including hyperlinks.  It doesn’t make sense (in Twitter) to ‘spend’ more than you need to of your allowable 140 characters on a long hyperlink.

For example: here’s the 87 character hyperlink requesting a buy discount tastylia (tadalafil) online HaloBiz Social Media Audit for your website:  köp Viagra på nätet Gävle, Sverige http://halobiz.us2.list-manage1.com/subscribe?u=6bb2641a819ee964920085ab8&id=9e331f7fb6 – as you can see – it’s a bit of a mouthful.  And here’s its 26 character equivalent:  binäre optionen demokonto unbegrenzt http://tinyurl.com/aj9os89.  Both of these (re)direct to the same online request form destination.

There’re a few (free) hyperlink shortening services available – we like tinyurl.com.  Googling “hyperlink shortening services” will show you others.

opcje binarne warto Are shortened hyperlinks safe…?

Like everything else on the Internet, some sites are safe, some aren’t.  It’s crucial you keep your virus scanning programs current and up-to-date on all your devices.   Similarly, it’s important (if you’re a PC user) that you make sure all your Windows security updates are current.  Yes!  Sometimes a Windows update struts its stuff at the most inopportune & inconvenient time… but it’d be a lot more inconvenient if you were infected with a malware bot that wiped your entire hard drive or something equally nasty.

http://beavercourie.com/practice-areas/criminal-defense/misdemeanor-charges/ www binaereoptionen com How can you use shortened hyperlinks…?

If you’re thinking of using binäre optionen endlich mit gewinn teil 2 QR Codes in your business then we’d strongly recommend you shorten the embedded link.  This will make scanning your QR Codes faster and result in less ‘quit’ (or abandon) time (remember: short attention spans are just getting shorter).

Similarly, if you use Twitter to help promote reports, articles, product reviews, etc, shortening a link would be essential if you want to include some ‘commentary’ in your Tweet.

Your experience…?

As always, we enjoy reading about your experience – so please don’t be backwards in coming forwards – let us know through your ‘comments’ below.

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