How to choose best social media platform for your business

With so many social media platforms available it’s daunting to know which platform is the best for your business.

It’s even more daunting if you’re starting out from scratch and don’t know much about any of them!

We’ve created this really simple matrix to help your decision-making.


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anyoption it Investment required

binaire opties bux Facebook

B2C (business to consumer)
  • Daily (at least) postings
  • Answering questions
  • Research for posts
  • $$ if FB Ad campaign required
  • $$ if want to run contests, sweepstakes, etc (for app)
  • Graphics required for cover image & apps
  • High maintenance
  • Membership required

generic fincar canada Twitter

B2C & B2B (business to business)
  • Daily Tweets (min)
  • Timely responses
  • Research info for Tweets
  • Moderate-High maintenance
  • Membership required

cedar finance Google+

B2C & B2B
  • Daily updates (at least)
  • Acknowledge responses
  • Research info for updates
  • Moderate-High maintenance
  • Membership required

poweroption Pinterest

B2C & B2B
  • Photos & images required
  • Membersip required

option binary robot YouTube

B2C & B2B
  • Once video uploaded = low maintenance
  • Acknowledge subscribers
  • No membership required (membership required to post comments/like, etc)

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As you can see, all require an investment of time and some of $$ as well.

In our opinion, YouTube is the most versatile of all the social media platforms.   Everyone has heard of YouTube and knows how to watch a YouTube video.  No membership to YouTube is (currently) required – unless you want to take a social action (comment, like, etc) and once a video has been uploaded that’s it – it’s there for eternity.  Admittedly, video takes more ‘organising’ first though – it’s not just a matter of asking a one-sentence question.


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