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This is Julie South and you’re listening to the opciones binarias manual pdf HaloBizTip, Podcast.  HaloBiz is all about helping to stimulate word-of-mouth in your world-of-mouse.  We polish business halos in the online world using smart & sharp digital marketing strategies like website design, software development and content creation.

lionive binary deposito minimo This podcast is all about “using simple easy-to-create web video that makes a big difference to your marketing efforts”

I believe that video and YouTube are two of the most under rated marketing strategies when it comes to stimulating engagement, bringing about lead generation and boosting sales.  If you’re not including video on the landing page of your website you’re missing out.

To give you an example, let’s use HaloBiz.  Although we had a YouTube channel back in 2011, we never did anything with it.  I’d appeared on TV a couple of times and we had those clips there but that was it.  Until about February 2012 when I decided to start using video and specifically YouTube, to help us spread the HaloBiz word.

So what difference does video and YouTube make to HaloBiz?

When it comes to views – approximately 12% of all our YouTube views are watched on websites other than HaloBiz’s.  This means our videos have been embedded on someone else’s website.  Do we mind this?  Not at all.  In fact, we’re flattered.  And we’re especially grateful for getting the exposure we do through third party views.

Approximately 30% of our videos are the result of searches within YouTube.  In case you didn’t realise, YouTube is the second largest search engine (after Google).  By ensuring all the videos we create for ourselves and our clients are key word optimised, we’re increasing the likelihood of being found.  And in YTs case, being viewed.

If you don’t have an active presence on YouTube you’re missing out on these searches.

Approximately 16% of our views are the result of a YouTube suggested video.  You know when you watch a video on YT and at the end of it YouTube provides a further medley of videos for you to consider?  Well, approximately 16% of our views come about because of that direct recommendation from YouTube.

Another interesting stat is that our views are now growing exponentially.

As I said, we created our channel in 2011.  During 2011 we had the grand total of 379 views.  During 2012 we clocked up an addition 3,500 views – I was hoping to cross the 4,000 view mark by New Year’s Eve 2012 but it didn’t happen.  In the first five months of 2013 we’ve already clocked up about 5,500 views.  As at recording this podcast we’re sitting at just under 10,000 views.

Our gender split is almost 50/50:  we have 46% male and 54% female.  Most of our audience is NZ based (which suits us perfectly).

When it comes to directing traffic back to our website, YouTube and Twitter are our two performing social platforms.   We also get a significant amount of traffic to our website from our blog site (

There’s nothing to stop you experiencing similar results – all you need to do is start creating videos.  If you’re shy, don’t worry – you can create videos without stepping in front of the camera – but that’s another podcast.

Here’re some ideas on what to start creating videos about in your business – I’ve written a blog article about this under YouTube – How to Include Video into your Marketing Mix at

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