How to include video into your marketing mix

I’m a great believer that any time is always the best time to start something beneficial – whether it be of a professional or personal nature.  This article therefore, is written especially if you don’t know where to start with video in your  business and/or you’ve been videoing for a while but would like some fresh ideas.

If you’ve been on the sidelines, wondering whether video is for you or your business, my one comment for you is that it IS.  I can’t think of any business that cannot incorporate video into its marketing initiatives.  That’s a bold statement to make, I know;  I welcome you to take me up on that challenge – if you think your business is “outside” video then please share below in the comments section and let’s see where that challenge takes the both of us.

Let’s look at lots of ways you can incorporate video into your business’s marketing initiatives:

opciones binarias cci Start

It doesn’t matter that you haven’t got a gazillion videos already perfectly produced and crafted to upload.  Start with just ONE.  And while it’s strutting its upload stuff at YouTube, then start thinking about its sequel.  Too often people get stuck in the detail and forget the step called “execution”.  As that sports brand constantly reminds us:  Just Do It!


Create a list of topics your business can create a video about.  Stuck?  Here’re some subjects to start your creative juices flowing:

Your  istruzioni auto opzioni binarie TEAM – a quick intro using photographs with a brief ‘hello’ text;

Those  binäre option bafin FAQs your customers keep asking;

tools für binäre optionen EVENTS – this includes team-building days, trade shows & expos you exhibit at, seminars you attend, guest appearances of key personnel (eg, keynote speaking engagements);

binäre optionen grundlagen PRODUCTS – use video to showcase your products;

أخبار الفوركس CASE STUDIES – show off your work – tell the story behind major projects;

Köp billig Atarax online utan recept BEFORE / AFTER – these can be pictorial or interview-type videos;

buy tastylia oral strips online no prescription TESTIMONIALS – invite some of your key stakeholders to share their story about the role your company plays in their lives; opciones financieras morelia edificio geminis R & R – help your clients (and potential clients) get to know what makes your key personnel tick after hours;

منصة تداول أوبتك للخيارات الثنائية INTERESTING STORIES – do you have staff member(s) who’re elite athletes, or specialists in one of their hobbies, or volunteer capacities (maybe you have a World Tiddly Winks Champion working for you) – invite them to share their story so your customers (and potential customers) can get to know your company in a behind-the-scenes way;

opcje binarne kto za to płaci PHILANTHROPIC INITIATIVES – if you’re making a difference in your local community then let the locals know about it.  As an aside, the HaloBiz Community-Minded Business Directory was formed because research revealed that local people want to know which local businesses support which local community organisations; before it wasn’t easy to find this information;

binäre optionen turbo PRODUCT REVIEWS – this is another way of positioning ‘testimonials’ into your repertoire.  Alternatively, you could create a product review video regarding a new product you’ve introduced into your business and offer it as a testimonial video (via the embed code) for the company you’re reviewing

Create a Calendar

When you first start producing videos you may have squillions of subjects or none at all – it doesn’t matter where you’re currently sitting you can bet your bottom dollar that one day you’ll be struggling with ideas.  

The solution is to create a video production calendar and then stick to it.  Not sure how to start?  It could be something very simple like creating one video/month/fortnight/ week.  If weekly seems a bit too daunting because you’re not sure you’ll be able to come up with enough interesting content then chunk that goal down further – it could look something like this:

come fare soldi online gratis First week of the month:  FAQs video

binära optioner 60 sekunder strategi Second week of the month:  Case Study video

piattaforma con opzioni binarie demo Third week of the month:  Testimonial video

top 10 trading card games Fourth week of the month:  Product (or service) video

tasse opzioni binarie Fifth week of the month:  Community-service (philanthropy)

كيف تكسب المال في التصوير الفوتوغرافي Share your videos

Remember to include your freshly-created video links in each relevant newsletter and/or blog post you create to make it easy for everyone who’s interested in your business to view.

Serialise your videos

Aim to keep your videos short (preferably less than 2 minutes) – if you cannot produce a video this short then consider turning it into a serial – eg, Widget A – Part 1, Widget A – Part 2, Widget A – Part 3, etc.  If you go down this path then it’s a good idea to produce & upload all videos at once to ensure maximum continuity;

Embed your videos

Ensure relevant videos (eg, FAQs) are embedded onto your website.  If your videos are relevant to other businesses ensure you give them the embed code as well.

Rinse & Repeat

Like any new habit, it only works if it’s the implementer is persistent and consistent ensuring the new ‘conscious action’ becomes an ‘unconscious habit’.

Your thoughts…?

As always, your thoughts are always interesting – so please feel free to comment and/or share your ideas, input and critique in what we’re chatting about here.

We look forward to reading what you’ve written, so please don’t be shy!

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