How to tell a Facebook “expert” from a wanna-be / fraud

6 easy ways to identify a Facebook “expert” who isn’t:

Sadly, there’re lots of Social Media “Experts” who’re anything but experts…

Don’t be duped – watch this video to find out how to tell a Facebook Expert from a Fraud.

This video contains real live examples and you can stop it any time while you’re doing your own due diligence in another “window”.

In this video Julie South shows you 6 easy-to-make ways you can check / investigate yourself to determine whether a self-proclaimed Facebook Expert / Ninja / Guru is everything they say they are.  

Businesses are being hounded by self proclaimed social media experts today more than ever.

If you’re looking to hire a social media or Facebook expert but aren’t sure where to start looking or how to tell whether they’re an expert or fraud you need to watch this video – it could, quite literally, save you thousands of dollars (not to mention heartache and grief!).

If you “pause” the video at each point and then open a new “window” you’ll be able to check your expert’s Facebook Page against Julie’s pointers:

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