strateggia vincente opzioni binarie Google Page 1 Search Engine Results Guaranteed?  Rubbish!!

Buy Tastylia 20 mg Have you been promised Page 1 on Google lately…?

I’m regularly asked (or told) by binary options demo account uk HaloBiz Network Members that they’ve been guaranteed bitwiss com page 1 of Google.

They’re totally excited (understandably – we would be too!!) – thinking that every day from thereon out is going to be miraculously filled with amazing orders as a result…

Wouldn’t it be great…? to be able to guarantee unequivocally that you’re going to end up on the trading option binary front page of Google searches…?

And you know what…?  I’m not sure anyone can make that kind of cast iron guarantee – not without serious investment of folding stuff in binära optioner beskattning Google Adwords OR some pretty لا إيداع مكافأة في خيار ثنائي dodgy black hat behind-the-scenes under-the-Google-radar practices taking place…

In my opinion, someone guaranteeing they can get your website on Tadalafil Oral Strip page 1 of Google is a bit like a weight loss programme that promises you’ll lose 10kg in a fortnight, you can eat whatever you want and you won’t have to exercise.

quanto guadagnate con le opzioni binarie Think about it!

If that were possible, why do you think that highly trafficked sites like say, claudia berger anyoption Telecom, Vodafone, 2-Degrees and how long is a cycle of testosterone Telstra invest heavily in commenti sulla piattaforma di iq options Google AdwordsBecause even they (with some pretty serious pulling power) won’t necessarily risk not making opções binárias trader page 1 through do binary options work organic search alone.

zoomtrader الخيارات الثنائية Here’s why (in my humble opinion) no one can guarantee page 1 Google results:

Each person’s fincar prescription cost search history is unique and that counts for everything when it comes to opcje binarne sposób Google search results (even more so if they’re logged into their Google account while searching).

My husband and I discovered this ourselves last year.  I got all excited because HaloBiz happened to show on page 1.  I did a big happy dance, jigging my way down the corridor to Alan’s office.  He searched using the exact same search terms I had used.  And you know what?  His search results were completely different to mine.

Our research into this strange phenomenon told us what we now know to be even more prevalent in that Google delivers to us what it thinks we want to see based on our personal search history.  

It’s as simple as that.  The only way to get true, unbiased results is to totally clear your cache and cookies for all time and THEN search.

Then geolocation / IP address come into play:  a person Googling “X” in Auckland on a device devoid of all previous search history and cookies, will come up with different search results to someone Googling “X” in Wellington.

Why?  Because geolocation makes a difference to the Google outcome!

The other variables that need to be understood when it comes to search is that there are too many personal preferences (by design or default) to take into account to be able to make such an all-encompassing guarantee of page 1 Google search results.

These variables include but aren’t limited to how narrow or broad location search parameters have been set.  For example, “Hamilton”, “Waikato” or “New Zealand”.

Next: timing – one person might be okay to receive search results from all time whereas someone else might just want something uploaded to the Internet within the last 24 hours.

Then there’s the type of information medium – how specific does someone want their search results to be?  Eg, just books, or audio, or video, or images, or shopping, or news (etc)?

As you can see there are too many human factors to be taken into account for someone to guarantee page 1 Google search results.

And if they can miraculously achieve this result across the ‘everything’, ‘anywhere location’ for ‘any time’ factor (and taking into account personal history) then the chances are they’re not legal and it won’t take long before Google comes out with another update like Panda or Penquin that’ll relegate the dodgy-linked site where it belongs.

Now, if you’re reading this and thinking “why bother…?” well… DO BOTHER because there are some simple (but not necessarily easy) strategies you can put into place that will count towards boosting your Google Search Engine Page Result (SERP).

Remember, HaloBiz is fanatical about stimulating word-of-mouth in the world-of-mouse for its members – one of the ways we can help you achieve this is through website Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – legally, above board and all kosher!

If you’re interested in knowing more email me –, send me a DM Tweet @HaloBizNZ or message us through – any of those methods works for us!

As per usual – I’m interested to hear your thoughts and opinions on this – especially if you’ve had recent experience yourself (or someone you know) who’s been guaranteed Google Page 1 Results.

With smiles and wishing you a great day!

Thanks for reading till the end :-)

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