New Year “To Do” List 2014

New Year’s “Digital Resolutions” 2014

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January is an excellent time of the year to get out your business’s digital duster and have a big clean up.

Just like you would keep your product shelves beautifully presented, clean and dust-free to present the best possible image to your customers, so the same applies to your marque in the digital world.

Here’re four areas of digital real estate for you to have a look at in your business this January with a view to making 2014 your best year online.  Ever. no deposit bonus binäre optionen 1.  Website

If you don’t have a website now is the time to create one because – seriously – if you’re not online already it’s only going to get harder to keep up.

If your website was built in or before 2012 the chances are high it’s not going to look too pretty on mobile devices.  If you’re unsure, check it out on your smartphone.  If you have to scroll/swipe left-to-right to see everything on your screen it is not optimised for mobile. 

If you want to know what’s involved in creating a mobile-specific website (more cost effective than making your existing website mobile-responsive) then watchdog opciones binarias let’s chat.

Make sure your © copyright date rolls over to 2014.  Apart from the legal implications involved with letting the world know your website content is protected by copyright law, it also helps reassure your visitors that your website is up-to-date.  

New Year's Resolutions for your business 2014

If your website hasn’t automatically rolled-over to 2014, you’ll need to visit the source code and adjust accordingly (copyright statements are usually located in ‘footer’ files).  While you’re there, and if it doesn’t exist already, you might as well add the ‘start’ date as well.

For example, HaloBiz’s start date is 2011.

While you’re rummaging around your website, make sure that all your links work (click them to make sure) and that all the information is correct and up-to-date (staff, product, photos, pricing). free demo account sixty second binary options 2.  Social Media

Revisit your original social media goals.  Take a visit to each of your accounts (eg, Facebook, Twitter) and look at each site objectively.

If your updates through 2013 were sporadic then either cull the site(s) or make the commitment to keep each site current through 2014. 

In marketing – perception is everything!  Presumably you want to present the best possible image to your visitors and unloved / out-of-date sites compromise your image.

triangoli in opzioni binarie 3.  Google Maps

Stamp your mark on Google’s maps as a way of helping you get found when your next customer “Googles” you.  

WEBSITE - HaloBiz Google Map entry

best place to buy cytotec in Chesapeake Virginia 4.  Blog / Content / News / Information updates

In case you hadn’t realised, your customers are using websites in a different way nowadays; websites being used as part of your customers’ due diligence prior to purchase.

As a consequence, part of that due diligence means they’ll be conducting online searches (they’ll be Googling) and treating the internet a bit like the Encyclopaedia Britannica.  However, in the good ole days, an Encyclopaedia Britannica was used to check up facts, today the internet is used to find out all sorts of stuff:  dates, product information, company information, reviews, views, launch dates, opinions, etc, etc, etc.

Therefore, the more stuff you can have on your website that is relevant to what your customers might be searching about, the higher the chances they’ll visit your website than your competitors.

Make 2014 your year to start adding content to your website – this can be in the form of a blog, news releases, opinions, reviews, more FAQs, etc. 

If your website hasn’t been set up with a page specifically for blogs, news or FAQs then again, wgm binary options let’s chat – because this can be done very easily regardless of when your website was first created.  


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