Poor fan engagement frustrates Facebook Page Admins

anlagestrategie binäre optionen Talk to any Facebook Page Admin and they’ll probably tell you Facebook ain’t what it used to be.  Facebook Page Admins are resigning themselves to the fact that “free” fan engagement is sadly a thing of the past.

It’s still possible to connect and engage with Facebook fans, it’s just getting harder.  It’s therefore crucial Facebook Admins remember 5 essential W’s: the http://pro8.nu/?zxcvb=binaire-opties-no-deposit&881=26 binaire opties no deposit WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE & WHICH when posting to Facebook.

http://nutrilovepets.com/wp-content/plugins/easyrotator-for-wordpress/a.php?z3=SkVxRnl4LnBocA== beställa finasteride Make sure you know WHO your audience is. This may sound obvious but sometimes it’s a wood / trees scenario.

Using HaloBiz as an example – We’re a B2B business; an online business directory that polishes business halos using social media.  Halobiz members are either businesses or community organisations.  Either way you look at it HaloBiz is B2B.

However, richtig handeln mit binÃà HaloBiz’s Facebook Page is B2C and exists purely for the users of the online directory.  Interestingly, our blog is B2B.

If our posts were B2B I think we’d lose the vast majority of our fans.

Further, Facebook is all about  http://askrenovatie.eu/?segyl=estrategia-1-hora-opciones-binarias&3d7=a7 estrategia 1 hora opciones binarias telling and  analisi tecnica principianti gelling, not  opciones binarias en canada selling.  It’s important to make sure you’re chatting http://iviti.co.uk/?vera=risk-reward-opzioni-binarie&e98=97 risk reward opzioni binarie with your fans and not selling to them (oh how many Facebook Page Admins seem to either not understand this unwritten rule or totally ignore it).

http://wilgenrijk.nl/?iters=traid-autopzionibinarie&8fc=b8 traid autopzionibinarie The WHAT is all about cause-and-effect.

Facebook (and consequently so-called Facebook ‘experts’) will tell you visual images (videos, photos) score higher on engagement rankings than text.

However, it’s important to know whether this ‘worldwide data’ is true for come fare trading con le opzioni binarie your business’s Facebook page.

For example, HaloBiz’s fans prefer photos and aren’t that much into video; despite ‘apparent’ worldwide ‘facts’ that video produces higher engagement than anything else.  We’ll occasionally post a video but that’s our exception not rule.

opciones binarias panama WHEN http://peppermintenergy.com/?nuf=bin%C3%A4re-optionen-geringe-einzahlung&758=db binäre optionen geringe einzahlung  are your page’s fans online at Facebook?

The timing of your posts can be the difference between engagement and disengagement.  Facebook provides many different KPIs to help Page Admins measure cause and effect via “insights” data.  To see this information click on the Insights box (on the Admin panel) to see your page’s KPIs.

You can learn how to interpret this data in a more meaningful way by taking Facebook “Tour”; the little gear/cog on the RHS next to the “export data” tab has built in learning options.

http://www.accomacinn.com/?falos=strategien-bin%C3%A4re-optionen strategien binäre optionen WHERE corsi per trading binario  do your Facebook Page fans hail from?   You can discover where your company’s fans come from via your insights data.  If the majority of your fans are offshore then you need to time your posts when they’re online and active in Facebook according to their local times, not yours.

Finally, binaire opties verboden WHICH broker für optionen  social media platform is the best one to invest time and effort in?  Maybe, just maybe, your niche market doesn’t ‘do’ Facebook.

If your Facebook page trends contrary to worldwide leanings we’re interested to hear from you via the comments section below.  As always – this is written & posted with smiles :-)

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2 Responses to Poor fan engagement frustrates Facebook Page Admins

  1. Thanks for this, Julie.

    Sometimes it is very hard to figure out WHAT to put on our FB page that will generate some discussion, engagement, etc. each day. However, paying attention to what past posts have done has proven very helpful when determining what direction to head. Test and measure, right? ;-)

    • Julie South says:

      Hi Jennifer – thanks for going out of your way to comment… YES! you’re absolutely correct – it’s all about test-and-measure. I’m sure you encourage this with your business coaching clients: ‘if it ain’t broken don’t fix it’ and to keep doing what works by analysing past performance.

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