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“This is Julie South and you’re listening to the köpa Viagra amsterdam HaloBizTip Podcast.  HaloBiz is all about helping to stimulate word-of-mouth in your world-of-mouse.  We polish business halos in the online world using smart & sharp digital marketing strategies like website design, software development and content creation.

Tastylia This podcast is all about “creating digital content for your squeeze pages”.

Not sure what a opzioni binarie australia squeeze page is – according to Wikipedia:  A squeeze page is a single web page with the sole purpose of capturing information for follow-up marketing.

Quality squeeze pages use giveaways and success stories that the prospect would relate to when making a buying decision. They also use things like colour psychology, catchy sales copy and keyword rich text placed that’s all about ensuring the webpage is SEOd (search engine optimised).

Some advanced marketers even use audio and video on their squeeze page.

In other words – a squeeze page has one purpose in mind:  to encourage all visitors to give you their name and their email address (and maybe their phone number).

You need to make it not only worth someone’s while to willingly give you such information, but you need to ensure they don’t suffer from feeling like they’ve been squeezed and suffering SPR (squeeze page remorse).  It’s a sure sign there’s something wrong with your marketing if you get lots of people signing up and then unsubscribing from your marketing lists.

Content contained on squeeze pages act as a ‘tease’ using the psychology that if you’re giving away all this good stuff for free, then your paid services will blow them away.

If you provide awesome, educational content on your website and squeeze pages, people will gladly provide you with their contact details.  The big question is – what sort of content do visitors to your site want to see that’ll make them part with their contact details.

A starting place is to determine what type of content your visitors would prefer, for example:

  • Educational videos – including a series
  • Educational podcasts – including a series
  • An e-newsletter
  • A printable PDF newsletter
  • A free report
  • A free webinar
  • An interview series (podcast / video)
  • Whitepaper(s)
  • A checklist – great for real estate agents, travel agents
  • A free video course (eg, answering 10 top FAQs)
  • A free email course
  • A free starter kit or toolbox

In deciding which of these you’d like to offer in exchange for a visitor’s contact details there’re a couple of factors to take into consideration:

  • Is it what they’ll use / want?
  • Is how you’re delivering it appropriate to your visitors?  Where will they be accessing this info?
  • Have you got the time / energy / resources to create this content and keep creating it if it’s an ongoing series?  For example, it’s a bit pointless (and therefore disappointing to your audience) if you cannot find enough interesting people to interview.

Creating content is time consuming and brain draining.  It’s therefore a good idea to focus on only one specific area of your business to do this in (unless you can cross-pollinate value-added content across multiple channels within your business).

Therefore a squeeze page would have a call to action on it, together

And remember – it’d be a shame if you’re creating all this amazing wonderful content but you haven’t got your calls-to-action sorted.  The idea of creating content is for it to serve as a lead generating tool to turn your visitor into a prospect into a lead into a client.

For more information on Calls To Action checkout the Call to Action Podcast.

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