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Elevator Conversation

How do you introduce yourself and your business?

You’ve probably heard you need a 60 second elevator pitch…?  Actually, here at HaloBiz we reckon you need a selection of elevator conversations – ranging from 15 seconds to 60 seconds – depending on your audience and the circumstances in which you’ve been invited to answer “what do you do…?”

When you consider the average person speaks at around 120 words a minute (kiwis tend to speak fast so bear that in mind if you’re introducing yourself to someone whose first language is not kiwi – even English-speaking visitors to NZ sometimes struggle with the speed at which we talk).

If you don’t already have your elevator conversation (pitch) mastered, now is a good time to do that because you just never know when you’ll next be asked.

In 120 words or less, what is your name and what do you do?

Here’s the transcript for the audio version (above) – it’s about 30 seconds:

Hi – I’m Julie South of HaloBiz – we’re in the business of polishing business halos and stimulating word of mouth in the world of mouse.

This means we help businesses look good and get found online.

We do this by building websites, social media coaching, article writing, PR and telling the world about what makes you special.

If you find yourself wondering “how can I get more hits to my website?”, “how should I do social media for my business?”, “I’m on Facebook why do I need a website?”, “do I need Facebook?”, “do I need a blog?” or “do I need an app for my business” then let’s get together and have a chat because these are the types of questions we answer everyday.


I’ve included every day questions that business people and business owners might ask themselves to help cement what we do.  The only thing I haven’t done here that I would strongly recommend is to finish with your name and business name as a further aid to reinforcement.

I’d also recommend including an audio (or video) of your elevator conversation somewhere on your website, like we’ve done here, as well as it adds yet another dimension and opportunity for real people to hear the real you.