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Facebook Frauds – how to spot one at 50 paces

Social Media Guru“, “Social Media Expert“, “Social Media Ninja

Dontchya just love those self-titled gentlepeople…?   And there appear to be a lot of them around right now:  cold-calling on the phone (there’s a massive hint if ever there was one that they’re not that into social media otherwise they’d appreciate that cold-calling is guadagnare tanti soldi con le opzioni binarie interrupt and social media is all about  binaire opties ja of nee engagement & conversation)… bowling into offices selling their wares without an invitation (hint: it’s called “invitation”, not “appointment” – there’s a huge difference)… blah, blah, blah… I could go on and on and on…

Anyway, the purpose of this article is to help the average not-yet-into-social-media-but-knows-it’ll-be-good-for-their-business-person determine whether someone’s self-titled or industry-acclaimed.

So, how do you tell whether someone knows all about simulazioni opzioni binarie Facebook and whether it’s okay to entrust them with your binäre optionen strategien social media activities…?

First up – do they walk the talk in their own business?

Here’re some köp Cialis 150 mg Facebook basics to check out before you engage your next robot opzioni binarie gratuiti Social Media Guru or binaire opties traders Social Media Expert or i want to buy pregnizone without a prescription Facebook Ninja:

minima puntata su opzioni binarie Facebook PAGE Name

Ask them for their tastylia uk Facebook Page name / URL – it should be something like Beställa Cialis online

So make sure you get theirs.

Then go suss them out.

Make sure their business is using a tastylia side effects Facebook PAGE (for business) rather than a Tastylia (Tadalafil) Buy 20 MG personal PROFILE (which is for personal use) (er… dugh!).  If you’re not sure, Viagra billiger Facebook PAGES have ebook trading binario FANS and are “measured” in “ trader binario demo LIKES”.

It’ll show the fare soldi con laborsa business category, together with a tag line (if they’ve set everything up correctly, that is).

If you’re seeing the number of friends, and/or where they worked and/or studied … well, that’s probably a personal profile and not a Facebook business page … I’d be having “expert” alarm bells ringing about now…

This is part of HaloBiz’s Facebook page – it states our name (HaloBiz).

HaloBiz Facebook Image

It shows us as being in the Consulting / Business Services categories, and immediately under that is our ‘positioning statement’.

We have 511 Likes (aka ‘fans’).

Facebook Page URL

Let’s have a closer look at their Facebook Page URL – that’s the bit that appears in the browser and that you can type in yourself to go direct to their Facebook Page.

Have a look at HaloBiz’s – you’ll see it’s just – that’s all – nothing else – no great big long string of numbers after it.

If it’s got a long string like this, something hasn’t been set up correctly in the Page URL side of things.

Admittedly, sometimes it “just happens” and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it without losing all your fans, but other times many people don’t even realise it’s happened…

Ask the question and see how they answer {smiles}

Recency / Activity

Scroll down on their page and have a look at how frequently they’re posting and what sort of “engagement” those posts receive.

When was the last time they were there…?  The same day they visited / called on you…?  A few days earlier…?  Ages ago…?

What are their fans (we sometimes refer to them as business “likers” here in NZ) saying in response to their posts…?  Are they engaged…?  Are they playing along with them…?

What sort of things are they posting about…?

What’s their language like (ie, style rather than whether they’re polite or not LOL)…?

And talking about whether they’re polite – are they?  Are they relaxed and friendly or stiff and starchy?  (I’ve seen some business owners “sign off” on their comments / posts with “kind regards” or “yours sincerely”… Ummmm… that’s not relaxed and “social” – it’s stiff, formal, starchy and hard to engage in a social conversation with…

So.  If they haven’t visited their Facebook Page for a while and/or their language isn’t very social and engaging and/or their likers don’t appear to ‘play’ with them much, then I’d probably  be hearing those “expert” alarm bells ringing a bit louder by now.


If you’ve got a personal Facebook profile you’ll be familiar with Timeline – the change in layout Facebook introduced in 2011.

Facebook rolled out Timeline for Business Pages in March 2012.

In my opinion, there’s really no excuse for a Facebook Expert, Facebook Guru or Facebook Ninja not to have a timeline cover image!

If they’re missing that, then well… I’d question what else they “don’t know” or “can’t be bothered” doing…

Your thoughts

I’m really interested to hear your thoughts.  There’re other things you could check regarding “your” Facebook Ninja’s expertise but these are some real basic ones that are easy to check – especially if you’re about to enter the social media fray for the first time.

Good luck!

And remember – here at HaloBiz we’re fanatical about stimulating word of mouth in the world of mouse – we’re into the internet and ‘things online’ please – sing out if you’d like us to help!