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Don’t let a pissed off competitor ruin your social media efforts

I’ve been asked to write a follow up article to option trade businesses miss crucial link in rush to use social media platforms originally uploaded to a few online news channels  (thank you Köp Viagra på nätet Karlstad Robert at OctoMedia who posted it on his news site and then had a question or two as a result)…

If you’re the social media manager for your business (and it’s likely you could also wear the hat of owner, accountant and salesperson if you form part of the mainstay of our economy by being a small to medium sized business owner) it’s possible that every new test robot opzioni binarie Facebook Like you get on your business’s page has you doing a little happy jig around the office.

I know ours are very special.  And I think I’d certainly cry, rant and rave if we ever lost our Facebook Page.

And yet I’m astounded at the number of Page Admins who daily contravene Facebook’s rules and therefore run the very real risk of being closed down.   I’ve even been to Facebook specific educational events where the facilitator repeatedly chants “don’t worry about it – you’re only a small business – Facebook isn’t worried about you”.  Or words to that effect.

I was speechless (and those who know me know how rare that is!).   In fact, breaching any of Facebook’s rules should bring about cause for grave concern.  Unless you really don’t mind having to start again from scratch.

Facebook’s a bit like the IRD – it won’t accept your plea of ignorance.  Actually, it’s far easier to make contact with the IRD than it is with Facebook (if you’ve ever tried).  I have.  I gave up.  (We experienced a ‘bug issue’ – it gave us a headache, along with thousands of other FB Page Admins – took about a month to resolve).

When you created your Facebook Page you ticked a little box that said you’d read and accepted the Facebook’s T&Cs.  opcje binarne android An overview of Facebook’s Terms (as they relate to Facebook Pages) can be found by clicking here.

Now, even if you believe that Facebook has bigger fish to fry than your 500 Liker page ( Tastylia Purchase 20 MG like GM dropping its USD$1.1 billion advertising account for a start) and you’re safe, think again.

come investire in borsa But this time think wearing the hat of a pissed off competitor – because it’s not outside the realm of possibility for them to dob you in.

Yes – it takes a bit of effort.  And time.  Because there’s Facebook layer after Facebook layer you need to click through.  But it can be done.  Especially if someone’s in the right frame of mind to be bothered.

In fact, if you want to dig deep enough, it’s possible to report a violation on any of the following when it comes to Facebook:   le commissioni sui guadagni azioni binarie Timelines, Advertisements, Events, Groups, Messages, Photos/Videos, Pages, Posts, Posts on your Timeline, Profiles, Questions, Something you can’t see (!!??), IP Infringements.

And that’s without all the rules that exist around what your come investire su opzioni Facebook Timeline Cover can and can’t include.  Or how to run a Buy Tastylia (Tadalafil) competition.  Or how to الخيارات الثنائية وسطاء القائمة السوداء name your Page.

Every day I come across binäre optionen no deposit bonus Pages that breach Facebook’s T&Cs.  I’m talking about Cover images that contain contact details (eg, telephone numbers).  Or posts that ask people to like them to go in the draw to win petrol vouchers.

If you violate any of Facebook’s terms, all it takes to start the Close Down This Page Ball Rolling is for someone to hit that little ‘cog’ image on your page – it’s on the right hand side, just under your Cover image.  Facebook calls this their “gear menu”.  It’s to the right of the ‘message’ option.

Clicking on the Gear Menu brings a whole swag of options – of particular interest here is the ‘Report Page’ option (as at mejor horario para opciones binarias writing this, it was in the middle section, last option).  Clicking that path eventually leads you to where you name the Page in question and/or attach an image of their breach.

buy seroquel 300mg\' order by 1 ; So that’s the “how” should a pissed off competitor want to get even and close down your Facebook Page…
usa binary options Now let’s look at reasonably significant examples of the “what” in a closed down Facebook Page…


We’ll never know the actual events that transpired when Facebook closed down forex italia Velvet Burgers Page last year.  Did Facebook happen to notice?  Or did a competitor report them?  The nett result is that one day they had over 9,000 fans and the next, had to start all over again.  Ouch!  (As at writing this they’re knocking on 10k – good on them!)

So what did billig onlineapotek för viagra 25 mg Velvet Burger do?  They attempted to create a bit of a viral post (every Page Admin’s dream LOL).  Velvet Burger posted that if it won Lotto (at the time it was sitting at NZ$26million) they’d share it with everyone who ‘commented’, ‘liked’ and ‘shared’ the post.  Good on them for their generosity and shame on Facebook for not seeing the positive economic impact $26 million shared among so many kiwis would have on New Zealand’s economy …  of course I say this tongue-in-cheek… the fact of the matter was they breached Facebook’s T&C when it came to ‘competitions’.

Then there’s binary options trading signals with franco Hell Pizza.  Ironically its also intended to be philanthropic and generous;  Hell Pizza pledged $1 to the Little Lotus Project Charity.  Hell Pizza’s Page was sitting at around the 20k Like mark when Facebook pulled the plug.  Its story is somewhat different to Velvet Burger’s though.  Admittedly it took a bit of time, but someone knew someone who knew someone who knew someone else who worked at Facebook.  The Page was reinstated; today it’s sitting at almost 47k Likes.

So please remember – if you think little ole New Zealand and/or your Facebook page in particular are too small for Facebook to worry about think again:  Facebook trials some of its rollouts DownUnder here (eg, Timeline and Promote your Post).  It wouldn’t do that it if thought New Zealand was insignificant!

Do you know of a business that’s had its Facebook Page shut down?  What was the outcome?  What was its breach?  As always – we’re always interested to hear what you’ve got to say, what you think, what you’d like to know more of.  {thanks!}