Here at HaloBiz we believe YouTube is The Best Social Media Platform of all for the following 6 reasons:

  1. YouTube is  forex paradise binäre optionen nachschusspflicht  inclusive: by this we mean anyone can view what’s uploaded to YouTube without having to be a member.  Think about that:  all the other social media platforms require membership.  YouTube doesn’t (from an ‘access’ perspective – ‘commenting’ requires being logged in and therefore an account).
  2. beoptoons It’s suitable for all types of businesses:  all businesses (without exception) can incorporate video into their marketing mix.
  3. opções binárias rsi Video is where life on the internet is heading.  Soon, if you’re not producing video in some form or another your website will get buried under those that do.
  4. binäre option paypal People ‘search’ using YouTube.  And these ‘people’ include your customers and potential customers.  If you’re not there then they won’t be able to find you.
  5. binäre optionen steuer Video makes it easier to start building the all-important relationship with your customers.  If you have a plentiful supply of videos on your website and sprinkled throughout the internet you make it easier for rapport to be created because, after a while, people will start to feel and think like they know you.  Ergo, because they “know” you they’re more likely to purchase from you (people prefer to buy from people they know and like).
  6. automatisches handeln mit binäre optionen YouTube ‘normalises’ video – no longer is video the sole and exclusive domain for big businesses with big chequebooks.  Any business can create video.  You don’t own a video camera?  Not a problem – most smartphones have video recording functionality on them.  Not photogenic? Again – not a problem – it’s possible to create video without even getting in front of a video camera (or smartphone).  If you can create a Power Point presentation you can convert it to video.


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